The Stock To Buy Now

The Stock To Buy Now

The world has been in a pandemic mode for a long time now, and the New Year is here. Those who are wise are making an appropriate plan in preparation for the New Year.

You must have your goals set, and you must have made plans to achieve them. Now, let me ask you which stock you are buying this year.

Here in this article today, I will discuss the essential stock for you to buy this year. You shouldn’t miss this! Do you also know the stock I will not fail to buy? Keep reading to find out. 

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We are at the start of 2021; one of the best gifts you can adequately offer yourself is buying the right stock before the year runs out. The company I will be buying stock in is Shopify.

You must have heard about Shopify exchange, and it is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell. Currently, there are more than 10,000 stores for sale on Shopify Exchange.

Shopify is a successful multinational e-commerce company, and this is where I will buy my stock before the year finally ends. If you are a subscriber, you would have read many of my blogs discussing the importance of buying stock in successful companies. Shopify is one of those companies you can never go wrong with.

Reasons to buy stock in Shopify

Trailing price-to-earnings (P/E)

One of the most important things you should consider before buying a stock in a company is considering the relative valuation multiple. This valuation must be based on the last 12 months of actual earning.

Shopify has a trailing P/E of 733. 93 currently, isn’t this mind-blowing? Shopify has a forward price earning of 330.99, isn’t the company a buy? With the company’s higher P/E ratio, it shows that you should be willing to buy into the company because of their growth expectations in the future. As an investor, it is best if you can analyze stock valuation before you buy the stock.

Total revenue experienced

After thorough market research, I cannot afford to waste a minute before buying my Shopify stock. The company is growing very fast, and the total revenue experienced organic growth of 80% from the year-ago quarter figure to $767.4M; this supersedes the consensus estimate by 16.97%.

Let me ask you this question, isn’t this an extraordinary growth made by the company? It is an outstanding performance. How many existing companies in the stock market are growing 80% revenue? Very few, right? Shopify’s significant growth continues to give me immense joy.

Revenue estimate Current qtr. (Dec 2020) Next qtr. (Mar 2021) Current year (2020) Next year (2021)
No. of analysts 26 24 30 31
Avg. Estimate 906.17M 780.56M 2.85B 3.78B
Low estimate 757.65M 583.67M 2.71B 3.38B
High estimate 1.02B 930.27M 2.97B 4.78B
Year ago sales 505.16M 470M 1.58B 2.85B
Sales growth (year/est) 79.40% 66.10% 80.70% 32.50%

 Market Capitalization

The total value of all the company’s stock is $145 142B. Am I the only one seeing Shopify becoming a trillion-dollar company? The company has a chance of becoming one of the biggest technology companies in the world in some years to come. The company is highly influential; large brands and fast-growing companies move over to Shopify to grow and scale their business.

Upfluence CEO Kevin Creusy said, “Our integration with Shopify cements our position as the most powerful influencer marketing tool within the e-commerce sector.” Are you still having a second thought about buying stock in Shopify? Picture the company in 10 years to come; the marketing capitalization will be reading in a trillion.

That is not all; Jeff Bezos and Amazon executives have discussed launching a rival to Shopify; this is to tell you how strong the company is; if it is not a great buy, Jeff Bozos shouldn’t be thinking of launching a rival to it.

Before the year finally ends, buy your stock in highly successful tech companies like Shopify. There are so many advances being made in tech, and many more of the company’s innovations will be of benefit to you.

Holding a share in Shopify, as far as I am concerned, can make you richer than you expected because the company is incredible; it is best if you are not left out of opportunities like this. The company’s business incentives are aligned with its customers. The company can serve all sizes of customers, making its compound annual revenue even to increase.

 Valuable partner ecosystem

If you carry out market research, you will observe that the company’s strength increases in its partner ecosystem of app developers and website designers. The company network capability keeps improving, the merchant growth is extraordinary; this also helps attract more partners and sales channels. The company keeps growing, and there is a large increase in its ability to handle more and impactful projects.

Is Shopify a good investment?

Shopify Stock To Buy

Most definitely, it is an excellent investment; Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) has been in it’s best performance. The company shows no sign of slowing down in performance as gross merchandise volume increased from 109% to $30.1billion.

The company has a strategic partnership with Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), TikTok and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) isn’t left out. You will be surprised to know that I have been buying stock in Shopify. I bought it in 2018, sold it in 2019, and trust me, and I didn’t fail to repurchase it; this is to tell you that Shopify is a good investment. The best aspect is, I am buying more to hold because I am confident, it will even be better than Amazon.

The company has recorded a positive bottom-line result twice in a row. By now, you shouldn’t be asking if the company will be profitable. The company is booming and flourishing; only the smart investors will notice this. In all honesty, I will suggest you immediately make Shopify a stock to buy before the year ends.

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