Procrastination And 10 Ways To Prevent It

Procrastination And 10 Ways To Prevent It

Personifying procrastination, an unwanted guest that always tries to show up at any occasion of work that we have. 

Procrastination has been eating deep into the lives of individuals, killing a lot of dreams that should have come. You may have wanted to learn that program, go to that school, start that business, or even make that investment, but something is holding you? What is that thing?

Your guess is as good as mine, procrastination. It has led to the deaths of many dreams and aspirations. This leads to the destruction of many individuals.  

Hi there, lovely readers. My name is Antoaneta, and I want to share my opinions on how best to battle procrastination. Without further procrastinating, let’s get into it:

Bring someone in to the big picture

Telling another party about your big plans could be the catalyst you need to fight procrastination. Sharing your opinion and ideas with not just everybody, but someone you trust and respect would go a long way to pressure you into doing it. Even bringing someone that has the same goal to your team will help, as healthy competition can push you all the way.

Performance is not a yardstick to measure self-worth

Some of us are so scared of failure that we do not even want to start at all. The ability to realize that you are who you are, no matter your accomplishment would go a long way. It helps to create a gulf between failing at something and feeling like you are a failure. Failure should not define you, and it should only give you a chance to try again. No amount of failure should take away your self-worth.

Procrastination And Self Worth

Decongest your mind before you attempt anything

People keep congesting their minds with irrelevant things, making the mind so occupied that it is not focused on achieving its goals. This set of to-do lists causing low levels of stress in their way, and you may not even be aware of it. Remember that the present is the only place on earth that living your life actually happens. Try thinking about one thing at a time.

You need to know the kind of procrastinator you are

Some people work under pressure and distractions while others are genuinely distracted by little things. This just means that not everyone is born equal, so you need to know the kind of procrastinator you are. Passive procrastinators are those prone to distraction, and it greatly affects productivity.

On the other hand, active procrastination can come in handy some of the time. Some people do better under pressure. The adrenaline rush of such people inspires more diligence and focus on these people. Active procrastinators spend all night doing something, and it works for them, bringing out their best, and it does not always lead to wrong results either. So, know which one you are, and work with your strengths.

Eliminate distractions so you can increase productivity

You may not want to hear it, but the best way to not be distracted is to avoid distractions. If you’re going to live healthily, you have to leave the unhealthy lifestyle behind. In the same way, if you want to avoid distractions, stay away from things that can trigger these distractions.

The significant culprits of distraction for the modern-day youth are social media and gadgets. Focus on what you wish to achieve, and always keep in mind that avoiding these distractions is a small price to pay for the benefits.

Procrastination Distractions

Make your dreams into tasks and actions

Before you make any action, you need to break your dreams into smaller achievable tasks. For example, if you wish to study an online course, you have to complete the smaller tasks of getting a gadget, subscribing to the channel, before you start worrying about how complex the course may be for you to understand.

Put those smaller tasks and actions into a timeline

If you do not set a realistic deadline, you may never move onto the next level. I will point out that the deadlines should be practical, because if they are not, you may be discouraged. Do something as trivial as rewarding yourself whenever you achieve those goals. 

Set up an organized workplace

To avoid procrastination, assign yourself an area where you have all you need to work. Eliminate the distractions, and focus on getting the most out of that place. This method helps to boost confidence in one’s self and concentrate better.

Imbibe those daily habits that boost your confidence

Following through a task to completion has a way of making you feel proud of yourself, boosting your self-confidence in the process. Do not set unachievable goals. Take it one step at a time, and stick to this pattern. Before you realize it, you have made it a habit, and it would be less boring and more fun.

Be sure to tackle the toughest problems first

If you hit a problem and it seems to hinder you from your progress, it is wiser to drop all other tasks and tackle this problem first. Dropping other tasks gives you the maximum concentration and energy you need. Do not leave it for later, or our uninvited guest will come creeping in. Remember, to eat a cake is one bite at a time.

Conclusion on procrastination

Tending to procrastinate does not mean you are a lost cause. Leonardo Da Vinci was a huge procrastinator, and his clients had to rain threats on him to get their works done. Should we talk about some of the results of his procrastination?

So whenever you feel bad about not reaching your set goals in the set time, remember good old Da Vinci, take a short break, ask yourself these questions, What has been the reason for your procrastination? How long have you been procrastinating? And then continue.

Otherwise, you will be procrastinating.

© Lifestyle Tips by Antoaneta

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