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How To Live A Minimalist Life

How to live a minimalist life

Are you tired of dealing with clutter, tired of searching through heaps of items just to find the thing you need? Or maybe just tired of feeling tired? Do you want to improve your physical and mental health? How would you like to:
Get more out of your free time?
Spend less money?
Save more money?
Decrease your carbon footprint?
Adopt a more positive outlook on life?
Feel, look and be healthier?
If you answered with “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Stress-ridden, cluttered lifestyles, plagued by spending sprees are sadly a staple in the current day. This has had a horrible effect on our societies, degraded interpersonal relationships and caused numerous financial issues for people all around the world.
In this book, I’ll tell you about the problems, most commonly experienced by people uninitiated in the fine art of minimalism, and I’ll offer you the solutions. But … there’s a catch (and there always seems to be a catch, doesn’t it?) – you have to walk the way on your own!

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150 Ways To Market Your Business

150 Ways To Market Your Business

Are you looking for ways to grow your business and get more clients? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Using our 150 Ways to Market Your Business will help you:

  • Solidify your marketing strategy
  • Establish your online presence
  • Build your brand
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Leverage conventional marketing
  • Expand your network
  • Grow your business
  • Boost sales

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Seo The Important Part Of Your Business

SEO: The important part of your business

Take your Digital Marketing Skills to the Next Level

Gain a thorough understanding of what SEO actually is and why it is seen as crucial for success in the digital world with the help of our latest book – SEO: The important part of your business. A large portion of the SEO-related literature that you’ll find on the market tends to focus much more on how the various algorithms work, rather than how to leverage their functionality. And while understanding the underlying principles is definitely a requirement for successful SEO, we believe that a good optimisation guide should place a much larger emphasis on, well, guiding the reader.

This is why we’ve chosen a different approach for this book. We are going to give you the perfect mixture of technical information and practical tips that you can then use to achieve your goals.

A concise and straight-to-the-point guide on Search Engine Optimisation and how to leverage it for success, this book is designed to teach you everything you’ll need to:

Establish and solidify the online presence of your business
Claim your rightful position at the top of the search results
Drive visitors to your website
Grow your business

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How To Use Ionised Water En 1

How to use Ionised water

The best ways to alleviate the burden on your body are:

  • Limit your exposure to toxins
  • Decrease your plastic consumption
  • Adopt a minimalistic approach to life

Enagic Water ionisers and purification devices allow you to:

  • Say goodbye to buying bottled water and dramatically decrease your plastic consumption at the same time.
  • Lower your household’s impact on the environment by reducing your packaging needs (all those bottles need to get packaged before shipping). And while we’re still on the subject of shipping, you’ll also be cutting that part out completely!
  • Spend less money overall because a good ioniser is a lifetime investment.

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100 Natural Cleaning Tips For Your Home

100 Natural Cleaning Tips For Your Home

As CEO of a London-based cleaning company and a self-made businesswoman, I’m a firm believer in all things eco. My years as a business leader as well as my long experience in the professional cleaning industry have taught me many valuable life lessons about the need of leading a safer, cleaner and healthier life. I’m passionate about living a green life both at home and at work and small changes we make can make a huge difference to the bigger picture.

After all, how much success can you enjoy if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it? Is a question I’ve come to ask a lot recently.

I’ve long since strived to bring about a cleaner and greener future for the world, and my involvement in the cleaning field gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. Backed up by countless hours of research and long years of hard work, I have redefined the meaning of safe and natural cleaning for my clients and employees alike.

Within the contents of this book you can find but a fraction of the hints and tips and life hacks that I have picked up along the way – reasons to avoid commercial cleaning products, DIY home cleaning remedies and even cooking advice – It’s all in there!

Me and my team hope that you will enjoy our list of 100 clean living tips.

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Change Your Life By Antoaneta Ebook

Change Your Life – How to Enjoy Clean Living and Help the Planet

Have you ever stopped to think about just how many plastics you use every day?

  • Do you buy things from vending machines?
  • Do you buy bottled water from your local stores?
  • Do you order take-out?
  • Do you buy packaged fruits and veggies?

If you answered with “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’re probably using a lot of plastics, without ever realising it!

Plastics pose a genuine threat, both to us and to the world that we live in! Plastic pollution has had a horrible effect on plants, animals and humans alike, and it is up to us, as individuals to stop it!

In this book, I’ll tell you about the most widely used plastics and explain the effect that they can have on your body. I’ll also be showing you some of the safer and eco-friendlier alternative solutions.

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