Business Ideas 12 Ways To Make Money Online

Business Ideas – 12 Ways to Make Money Online

Everyone is thinking about post-pandemic survival means. What can be done to make ends meet when life has returned to normal? This is the question on the mind of everyone around the world. There are many business ideas that can be explored from starting your own company to running a service. But one point has become a limitation for many people – capital. With limited capital to start anything substantial, what business idea can you explore?

Hello Everyone, my name is Antoaneta and I’m delighted to be with you again. Today I will be exploring several online business ideas that you can easily start right now.

With very minimal cash to spare, it is only wise to seek business ideas that do not require anything but your knowledge and service. The most effective way for you to provide zero capital services is online. There are several business ideas you can delve into, and there are twice as many platforms preset for your use. So, without further ado, let’s go straight to the point and explain the top online business ideas.

My personal pick for online business ideas

Create a course

If you have an in-depth knowledge of any aspect of life, this should be among your favourite business ideas. People are looking for ways to learn all they can on the go, and online short courses have become an excellent way to achieve it all over the world. For years people have offered their knowledge in a compact course, which is then sold at a fair rate for anyone to access. Platforms like Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, and more all offer some platform for you to create and sell your online course. I’ve created a few online courses myself and have more on the way.

Ionised water

I recently made a post speaking on the benefit of joining a direct sales business. The company operates an agent system that allows you to profit for a long time to come from selling their products. They offer ways for everyone around the world to drink clean water from their taps. This reduces bottled water costs and provides you with the safest water. Many people are aware of the need to live healthily, and the ionised water technology is a healthy and cost-effective option. Add these features with a near-global presence, and you are certain to make a lot from this company. If you wish to find out which company I’m talking about and would like to join, please contact me.


Dropshipping is an excellent business idea when you do not have the capital to purchase goods. You create a link with a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer who has these goods in stock. On the other hand, you will go on marketing the goods as an individual, and once you get a buyer, you direct the order to those who have the goods in stock and do the shipping. The buyer might or might not be aware of your position as a middle-man in this purchase, and you can easily add on your profit into the total cost given to the buyers.

Tee shirt customization

Tee shirts are always going to be an easy income source. Everyone wears them, and they are affordable to buy. You can easily advertise your services to those who would like to customize their tees.  

Content writing

his is an idea that has been explored lately. There is a vast amount of content posted yearly on the internet. This is because more than half the world is, in one way or another, exploring the internet for information. If you have the knowledge and expertise, you can easily become a content writer. The cost to begin depends on how well you wish to start; otherwise, a simple laptop or mobile device will do fine.

Business Idea Content Writing

Software developers

Almost every technology we use, runs because of well-programmed software. If you possess the expertise in software development, you can easily lend your services at zero cost to you. Explore the numerous platforms that offer you a chance to post your service or search for jobs.

Virtual assistant/ personal assistant

The world is a global village, with thousands of people actively working through online platforms. In recent times, the need for a virtual assistant that can take the part of a personal assistant working remotely has become rampant. With a laptop, you can easily aid someone across the world for a good rate at that.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money at no cost to you. All you need is to attach yourself to a company, and every time a person purchases through your link, you earn a commission. There are lots of companies that offer affiliate marketing options.

Digital agency

This business idea covers all digital and internet operating services. This includes SEO, media promotion, marketing, and more. You can offer your services at a per hour rate if you have the skills to handle a business’s digital needs. You can learn a lot when it comes to digital marketing. I’ve compiled the best tips for SEO in my ebook The important part of your brand– make sure to check it out.


Several businesses around the world cannot afford a full-time financial accountant; this is where online bookkeeping service comes in. You can offer your services at an hourly rate to those who need it if you have knowledge of account balancing and auditing.

Teaching online

If you think you can successfully pass knowledge to people around the world, then you can be a part of this business idea. It is a remote job, and so you can set your time limits, rate, and lessons. There are several platforms that offer you the option of teaching students and individuals around the world subjects and topics that matter to them. Languages and general school subjects are mostly explored in online teaching.

Business Idea Online Teaching


If you are multi-lingual, then you can easily earn from this skill. There are many companies, businesses, and individuals who will pay to have you translate documents, audio, and more. Across the world, languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and German have become highly sort after.


Now you have a list of zero capital start-up business ideas you can take part in from the comfort of your home. If you feel inspired by my video, subscribe to my channel for more of it. Also, do not forget to like and share this video while dropping your comments in the comment box. We will love to hear from you.

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