All The Companies I Invested In And Why

All The Companies In My Investment Portfolio And Why

My portfolio is a long one, but today I have decided to lay it all out for viewers to see. However, I will not be giving all the details on the stock just because they are my personal, financial details and should be conserved for me. Hello and welcome to my blog, home of all things financial investment, freedom, and lifestyle. If you would like to begin your journey in stock investment, then you can check out my post ‘Practical Investing Advice – How To Get Started‘.

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In this blog, I will be covering the topic of every stock in my investment portfolio and why I have them. I have been an investor for a few years, and I must tell you that my portfolio is a long one. I will tell you the stock name, its position on my portfolio and why I have them on my portfolio. Remember that this is my portfolio, and you should not have everything listed the same way in you too. It’s just a guide, and you can choose not to follow all of it.

Before we go on, I must say that I trade through a couple of platforms and all of them have been useful in their way. I also trade a lot as a long term investor and buy a lot of stocks when they are at their lowest point. For me, I guess I follow the simple rule of holding a stock long term and buying when the market is down.

All of my stocks in my investment portfolio


The first stock in my portfolio is Tesla, and it’s because the company is everything an investor wants. They have grown, they have a diversified business, they have a future accessible business, and they are the leading company in their field.

Their growth has been rather massive, and they are expected to see even better growth this year. What is amazing is that even during the pandemic wave and its aftereffect that hit many automobile companies, Tesla is still standing firm and even thriving.


Amazon is next on my list, and I can tell you that this is a company I am happy with. They have outstanding growth rates, and Covid-19 has done a lot of positive things for the company. I like how marketable the company is and how easy it is to see it diversify and enter into the future.

Right now, the company’s year on year growth is over 30%, and there is a really good expectation for the coming year.  They are also a leading company in their sector at over 40%.


This is another stock in my portfolio, and I have them primarily because of how marketable they are. The company is also doing well, making over $140 billion in sales and over $40 billion in profit. Their dividend payout is also very good and secure; it sits now just at $0.51. 

Microsoft has also had 16 years of dividend growth, and the business keeps doing well year in year out.  Their role in AI and tech is an encouragement to hope for their future.

Investment Portfolio - Microsoft


This is another major company in my portfolio. I like how they have an international presence and how easy of a market they are in. They are also a leading company in their sector, holding over 50% of the market consumers. Visa is also a stable company with stocks that hardly ever dips.

This is good, and it just shows how well the company is on a solid ground up to massive growth and domination in the future.


This Company for me is one to be happy with. They have a really good hold on the market, and although the pandemic hit badly on their earnings, they are a stock I will keep holding.

Disney is popular with their diversification, and they are gaining a lot of viewership which I think will be helpful in their overall report next quarter.


This is another company on my portfolio with a pretty good ranking. They are a company with over 30 years of dividend growth. Although they have been struggling over the last few years, they are a company that I generally trust.

Another thing to love about AT&T is their dividend yield of over 6%, which I must say is entertaining. It is a risky stock, but I believe in their future and would still hold for the meantime.


This is probably one of the only medical inclined companies that I have. Abbvie has had its ups and downs recently, but I must say that I like it for its dividend yield, which is just under 5%.

There is a lot to hope for with their new acquisition, but it’s a generally risky stock, and I am holding onto it with hope for its future.


This comes in next, and they are a company that I trust will do well for a long time to come. Their marketability is good, and they have a lot of sales and growth, which is what I love to see.

You may consider Alibaba as the Asian version of Amazon, and they are dominating not just Asia but even Africa and Europe.

Investment Portfolio Alibaba


This is a company I like for its diversification and its marketability. Pepsico has a lot going for them with their drinks and snacks, and I think that is a lot to say about the company’s growth and future.

I do think that this expansion will help them stay in the market. And even if they are not a leading company in their industry, they will remain thriving as they have done during the pandemic.


I like Nvidia because of its tech diversification. They have seen a great rise in its stock value, which shows how well the company is doing. I believe they will be the leading pushers of the future of AI and everything around it. 


They have a nice hold in the household cleaning and care products, and I think a lot is going for them in other product lines. 3M has been through a number of issues in their stock value, but I must say that they were able to survive the pandemic well, which I applaud.

They also have a nice dividend yield which is why I have them, but I am still hopeful for some more innovation in the company.

JP Morgan Chase

One of the very few bank stocks on my list. I like them for a couple of reasons. One of which is that having a banking company is just a great diversification and the other is for their dividend yield, which is over 3%. They have a dividend growth of about ten years which is a lot to say.

There are uncertainties to holding a financial stock like JP Morgan & Chase, but I like the marketability and consumer trust of this bank, and that is why I will be holding for a long time.

Carnival Corp

Another speculative stock I plan to hold and see how its market growth will be.

There is a lot to say about my portfolio, but I guess this is all there is to it in summary. If you have any questions concerning any of these stocks, then let me know in the comment section. I will try to give my honest reply. For more videos like this be sure to hit the subscribe button, also hit the like and share buttons too, they are a great encouragement to me and my work.

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