19 Tips To Save Both Time And Energy

19 Tips To Save Both Time And Energy

When you are asked what is the most valuable gift of life what do you think the answer is? It is time and energy. Something as useful as time and energy should not be wasted. Good! When a particular time of one’s life is lost, do you agree with me that it can never be recovered? Time and energy loss is a lifetime loss.

That is why I will always tell those going through emotional pain or grief to let go of whatever is hurting them because when you give it time, you will heal, and time will change everything. That particular thing causing you so much pain today will be gone tomorrow. Since we now understand how important time and energy is in one’s life. Let’s look at ways to save time and energy so that our lives can be productive.

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Here are 19 time and energy management techniques

Every moment is worth something

Don’t we all think every moment in life is worth the happiness and vibe? Despite our busy schedule, it is essential to enjoy every moment of one’s life. Even though I understand that most of our lives are occupied with office work and so much more, every moment can still be enjoyed during the process of carrying out our daily tasks instead of doing your work grudgingly with a frown, smile and give it the focus that is needed for it to be done.

You can use music to clear your head off the stress, dance the tension off, grab a mouth-watering snack. Take a break from the four walls of your office, take a stroll, feel the breeze, take a minute, and appreciate nature. Doing all this won’t hurt; it will make you do your job faster and on time.

What you eat is what makes you

To derive energy, you need to eat healthily. You need to eat food that is packed with enough nutrients for optimum health. Don’t just consume. Eat good nutrition to stay healthy and fit. Have fruits; they are essential for your body’s metabolism. Take enough water; water makes the process of digestion and absorption easy.

When you eat, eat something nourishing, which gives you the energy you need to start your day. It’s not enough to rush off to work early in the morning without having your breakfast. Breakfast is essential than having a very late meal. Practice the habit of having an early dinner. Stay healthy. Health is wealth.


When it comes to exercise, I hear people complain about lack of time. The truth of the matter is that exercise is all about dedication. Instead of seeing it as a waste of valuable time, it is better to see it as a way of keeping our body functioning correctly. Exercise doesn’t just make you look good. There will also be a reduced rate of heart diseases; there will be an improvement in blood circulation.

Activities don’t make you push yourself so hard; instead, you do something that will give you muscular strength. You can start by doing some squats, take 30 minutes to walk. You can decide to skip. There is so much light exercise you can choose to kick start with as a beginner.

Let your circle be positive

Learn to be intentional about your life, especially when making friends or meeting new people you surround yourself with. Let the people around you be those that will keep pushing you to be a better version of your present self. Don’t be carefree about having everyone as a friend. You need the right people to give you the little push you need when you are down. Stay in a relaxing environment.

Avoid Negativities

It would be best if you had the calmness to relax. Avoid all negativities. Accept no one’s definition of whom you are. You are your perfect version of yourself. Keep striving for improvement daily.


Sleep is too underrated. Sometimes the medication you need is adequate rest. The body isn’t a computer; even computers sometimes break down if it’s not given a break to relax. Poor mental performance results from inadequate rest. When you refuse to rest, the focus will also be missing when carrying out your task. Learn to give your body the rest it needs.

Give yourself time

When it comes to setting deadlines for yourself, don’t set unachievable tasks for yourself. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Make your to-do-list possible to achieve. Even if, at the end of today, you were not able to accomplish all that you wish to achieve, don’t beat yourself up. You can continue tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, it comes with a fresh beginning for you to continue from where you stopped.

Give it a break

Always learn to take some minutes off your system, leave the four walls of your office. Take a stroll. Feel the wind, do anything you feel like doing, in as much as you are relaxing, free your mind of all work and worry. Taking about a 10 minutes break from your work won’t hurt you at all. If you observe closely, you will return to work, feeling more refreshed and full of energy.

Learn to smile

Even if you are worried, put a bright smile on your face. Say hello to others with a welcoming smile. You may bless someone’s day with your cheerful smile; you never can tell. If nothing seems to be making you smile, try to read a joke, watch funny videos. Just laugh the stress out of your body. With laughter, you will feel good. Your pressure will be relieved too.

Perfectionism isn’t the key

Stop striving to be perfect; by so doing, you will be making your body go through unnecessary stress. All you need to do is to be intentional about your life. Keep improving daily. Don’t stop working on yourself. You are your own most valuable asset.

Stop procrastinating

Start attending to your task. Don’t pile them up because of procrastination. Whatever it is that you want to do. Just go ahead and do it. If you are having a hard time quitting the attitude of procrastination, do subscribe to my regular channel and watch my previous video on “How to become the best version of yourself”. It will help you out.

Consistency is key

Be consistent with whatever you do. Keep pushing, rise, dress up, and never fail to keep showing up. Don’t give room for negativities; do not allow fear to keep pulling you backward. You are making achievements too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Declutter your desk

Be organized, and get that desk in order. It will improve your work habit. Learn to put things where it is supposed to be, put things in the right places. It makes the task look less demanding. When everything looks so messed up, it drains one’s energy, and time will be wasted looking for one thing or the other.


Whatever you want to do, stay focused. Don’t move from one goal to another without achieving any. It wastes both time and energy. Redirect the energy to getting a particular task done. Set an achievable task for yourself, put your attention to it, avoid all forms of distraction.

Avoid fear

Fear only brings negative things. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and start again. Don’t be scared to dream big. Don’t be scared to begin. Do not limit your capabilities. Begin with whatever you have.


Use your time and energy to read books, watch motivating videos. Read a book that will lead you to the achievement of success. Stop multitasking your mind. If music gives you the motivation that you need, go ahead and enjoy it.

Practice the habit of breathing in and out

When one is stressed, breathing automatically takes a change. Whenever you are stressed, calm down, relax, and focus more on giving your body oxygen.

Once in a while, switch your technology off

To avoid distraction and enjoy nature, switch off your technology, sit on a rocking chair, and enjoy the cool breeze. Nature is beautiful!

Proper planning is critical

If you aim to save energy or time, you always need to spend more time planning. It makes execution easy to achieve. Part of planning is knowing your goal. You need to learn to ask yourself questions like, what do I want to achieve from this? It’s all part of planning. When you make plans, you will realize if the task is achievable or not. There are so many benefits from planning.

When you make plans, you tend to utilize resources well, it is during organization that you will know what and what is needed to achieve your goal. It would be best if you had a clear purpose for you to stay motivated. For an action to take place,  that particular action needs to be adequately coordinated, it leads to task effectiveness. Proper planning helps significantly in the aspect of risk management because it helps to remove uncertainties.

It would be best for you to always make a plan before you carry out any task. When you start making plans, you begin to enjoy higher productivity with the activities that you carry out.

Learn from experiences

It would be best if you were a fast learner. While learning mistakes will happen, value them, and learn from them. It is not only your mistakes you should learn from. You need to also learn from the mistakes of others. It will improve your knowledge and skills. In your free time, engage in discussion with people. Interact with them, listen to the mistakes they have made in life, learn from it.

When you gather the experiences of others, during the period of carrying out your task, you get to be aware of what to do and what to avoid doing.

Here is the bonus tip

Once a while, practice what is called a change of activities. If what you are doing at the moment is causing you more than enough stress, try to get up, move around, grab a snack. Don’t spend an hour on a task without giving it a break of 10-15 minutes. Your body also needs that rest, don’t deny yourself of it for a long time to avoid break down. You are a rare gem, keep that in mind and keep saying it to yourself from time to time.

Always redirect your time and energy to doing productive things, things that will lead to progress. Was this blog helpful? If yes, please hit the like and share buttons. Don’t also forget to subscribe to our channel to enjoy all our regular videos. Feel free to share your comments and views.

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