19 Tips On How To Declutter Your Life

19 Tips On How To Declutter Your Life

There are always those things you don’t need in your life. Most people in the world today are so materialistic that they prefer to hold onto things even when they do not need them. Others think the more stuff they have, the wealthier they are. This is a very wrong misconception, and it should be tackled. This brings us to the topic of the day, declutter.

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Also, read this blog till the end to get some bonus tips I will be sharing. I promise you will not regret it. In this particular blog, I will be sharing tips on how to declutter your life.

Decluttering, in simple terms, can be defined as the process or act of getting rid of things you do not need. Why have a hundred bags or pairs of shoes when you can only wear one at a time? Why stockpile in your room or home and allow them to occupy space that you could use for something else? Decluttering has a way of making spaces look smaller than they already are.

For instance, if you have a little wardrobe that can contain maybe twenty pairs of trousers, if you try to put forty pairs, how do you think that wardrobe would look? It will definitely look untidy at the end because there was not enough space for them. This is why decluttering is very important in life. Decluttering and being minimalistic go hand-in-hand, but you don’t necessarily need to be minimalistic to de-clutter your life.

All you have to do is identify the things you do not need and make sure you get rid of them. There are other ways to get rid of stuff than throwing them into the trash-can. You can give them out to people who need them more than you or sell at a cheaper rate. Decluttering always brings a level of clarity to your life by doing away with the unwanted stuff and focusing on what is more important.

So, what are those ways you can declutter your life?

Start with reducing the number of people in your life:

I am not saying you should be an introvert or something, but you do not need a million friends to succeed in life. Three or four quality friends contribute to your life way better than a hundred friends. Only keep friends that you can do anything for and vice versa. If you have so many friends on your social media, there is no problem. Just keep fewer people close to you. I must mention that some other friends may not be that close to you but still mean a lot to you, keep them.

Control your finances:

This is a different type of clutter. I call it the mental and financial clutter. Imagine having so many unpaid bills, no idea how to pay them, and no idea when to pay them. That may be the worst kind of clutter to some people and for a good reason too. So, my advice is pretty simple, do not spend more than your income, keep track of your bills, and when they are due for payment. If you cannot do it alone, seek help from wherever you can get it.

Get only what you need:

As I said earlier, that you have so many possessions does not show how wealthy you are. Instead, it makes your space stuffy and less attractive. So, there is really no need for that extra pair of shoes or bag when you already have enough. Yes, some people derive satisfaction in seeing what they may have acquired, but to declutter your life, you should not think this way.

If you must get something new, try to get rid of the old one to have enough space for it. If not, you’ll just be gathering them together. The funny thing is the more items you have, sometimes the more difficult it is to make a choice, so save yourself that headache and get only what you need.

Reduce food waste:

This is one of the easiest but most neglected ways to declutter. For instance, a person walks into a grocery store to get some items and notices some goods are on sale. The person now buys more goods and in greater quantity than he or she required. After some days, the perishables begin to rot, and now they have to be thrown away.

This defeats the whole aim of decluttering, and therefore it should not be encouraged. Another instance is cooking more than you or your family needs. There will be a waste, and it does not move in line with minimal living. 

Try the three Rs where possible:

This rule applies to be more eco-friendly. The three Rs stand for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These three actions help to detox your environment effectively. Reduce the amount of waste you produce, reuse items as long as they can be reused, and recycle those items that can be recycled. You do not need to be too eco-friendly to carry out these simple operations, even though I am an eco-friendly enthusiast and want everyone on the planet to be the same.

So, whenever de-cluttering your environment becomes a priority, you can always start from the three Rs. Many products are packaged in plastic, mostly water, but you can reuse these bottles to reduce pollution. One right way to reduce the number of plastic water bottles is by drinking Kangen water.

Kangen water comes with a machine and less plastic. Want to know the advantages of drinking Kangen water? It is very healthy and is also a great way to make passive income. So, instead of buying water in plastic bottles and sachets, get a Kangen water machine and enjoy all its benefits. You will need a sponsor to enjoy the benefits of Kangen water, and this is where I come in. Indicate in the comment box below if you are interested.

Try a digital detox:

This one is mostly directed to young people. Reducing the amount of time spent glued to the screen of your devices can help you declutter mentally. Some people are on so many social media platforms that they find it hard to keep up. Well, there is another disadvantage; it also distracts you when you start trying your best to keep up. Try as much as you can to detach yourself from the digital world once in a while.

The time needed for a digital detox varies from person to person, but a digital detox is essential for anyone who wants to simplify their lives. Use the time for digital detoxing to focus your mind on more important things that may be happening around you.

Keep your decorations simple:

Back in the day, homes were filled with items on display. Then, it was a wonder to visit the house of a wealthy person because you would feed your eyes and imagination. Well, in this present age, it is no longer cool to jam-pack your homes with such things. You do not need to be an interior designer to know that all you need is an elegant, simple, and minimalistic interior design. With simple and fancy works of arts displayed at strategic places and enough space to go with it, you will be just fine.

Make space for everything:

Tidy And Well Organized

This can be interpreted as making sure your space is very tidy and well organized. By your space, I mean your home, workplace, and even your place of business. How do you do that? Just have a space to keep everything. Some may misinterpret it as throwing clothes on chairs or shoes under the bed or caps on the TV stand.

No, not that kind of space. The kind of place I have in mind is mostly somewhere out of sight. It should also be somewhere you can remember and have easy access to.

Clear space for your digital items, too:

Remember what we talked about at the point before this one, yeah? The same rule applies here. Just the same way you are trying to declutter your office, workplace, or business place, you should also try to declutter your digital space. Is your laptop a horror to look at, with files and documents scattered all around, or is there a folder and sub-folder for every related document and limited icons in the right place? I’m sure you know the best one for you. So, as you simplify your physical life, do so with your digital life.

Regularly clear out unnecessary items:

Have you noticed that even when you think you are not buying so many things, things just end up piling up? If you haven’t noticed it, wait until you need to move to another apartment or your new home, then you will realize that there are some items you never even knew you had. This is why I suggest you go through some of your things and identify the ones you do not need anymore. They may be clothes, shoes, bags, equipment, or any other item. Sell them, donate them to charity, dispose of them, just don’t let them keep occupying your space.

Regularly clear out unnecessary digital items, too:

Just the same way you clear out unnecessary things in your physical life, do exactly the same with your digital life. There are always those documents, files, videos, and audios that you do not need anymore. The question is, why keep them? Ever noticed that these things fill up the memories of your devices and may even result in making them slow and sometimes crashing them? If any of the files are still important to you but are consuming space, find a way to put it in some external storage device.

When you are not using an item, put it in its space:

Some people arrange their spaces almost every day because of this reason, they are not able to put things back to where they belong. The first step is finding a space for everything, but the next step should be making sure that those things stay in the place you created for them. If you take a shirt out of your wardrobe, put it back there after wearing and washing it. Don’t put it on the chair and leave it there.

Select the most important things you want to be doing in your free time:

There are always activities in everyone’s life. But for someone who wants to declutter their life, the activities should not be too much. For example, an average adult works from 9 – 5 daily, right? So, free time only comes on weekends. You can’t use the short time you have during weekends to try and engage in ten activities. It is wiser and safer to reduce the number of activities you participate in.  

Have a To-Do list to guide you during decluttering:

To Do List

Lists are very important in our day-to-day activities. So, just as you make a place for everything in your home, work, or business place, make a space for your decluttering tasks on your list. All these tasks cannot be done in a day, so the list should be made in order of preference. These lists have a way of reducing your physical and mental stress, and it also keeps you in control.

Detach yourself from some things often:

Sometimes, disconnecting from the world is the best way to solve mental stress. Whenever the worries of this world fill the brain, heart, and mind, a little time away from the world can fix it. You do not necessarily need to travel to a foreign and isolated land to disconnect. Find out those activities that help you disconnect and do them when you feel your body giving in to excess pressure.

Create time for your own relaxation:

Your life should not always be about work, work, and work. If you are always so busy that you do not have time for yourself, I’m afraid to tell you that you will burn out soon. Aside from detaching yourself, you can also reconnect to the world by relaxing with your friends and family, taking a hike with friends, seeing a movie, partying and celebrating, and any other activity that can help you declutter your mind. Researches show that it is in these times that the best ideas come to mind, so be sure never to neglect it.

Crave fewer things and more experiences:

There is always a craving for material things, and I believe that only makes us human, right? However, it is always better and safer to ignore these cravings for material things and enjoy long-lasting experiences and memories instead. Buying a watch of ten thousand bucks will not give you the satisfaction of spending ten thousand bucks on a life-changing experience with friends and family. Always stay focused on things that will give you good memories and happiness instead of focusing on things that become less valuable to you over time.

Always have a back-up plan:

This may seem a little far-fetched to you, but it is a great way to declutter your life. Always look for alternatives to buying new things. If you want to do something with equipment but you do not have it, you can try improvising with other equipment and see how well you fare. You do not need one equipment to do one thing and other equipment to do another thing. That always leads to having too many items, and it becomes the reverse of decluttering.

Quit your bad habits:

Decluttering your life has to be all-around. It cannot be called decluttering when you have organized your workplace, business place, or your home, but somehow you are still struggling with unnecessary things that are occupying space in your life. Is it that smoking or drinking habit? Is it that excess clubbing, partying, and womanizing? Or is it that uncontrollable urge to spend money recklessly? Whatever the habit, you need to get rid of it. Clear your mind just the same way you clear your physical or digital space. That way, you improve your life generally.

Decluttering is a very simple but important process in everyone’s life. If the mind is free of burden, it works better. Just the same way, if your space is free of too many things, you feel better. Declutter today, and you will be glad you did. So, if this video was helpful to you, please hit the Like and Share buttons. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our channel and share your views and comments, including those on Kangen water.

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