Top 15 Investments That Will Make You Wealthy

15 Investments that Will Make You Wealthy in 2021

You will agree that 2020 is one of those years with great lessons; this year has taught individuals some massive lessons. The year has made some people really think, and it has been quite an adventure. Despite how challenging and engaging this year was, some people didn’t fail to make the most out of the challenges. Financially, this year wasn’t a great one for everybody, but I bring us good news, just as always. We are rolling into 2021 better and stronger financially.

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Let me ask you this sincere question, where are you planning to invest your money to get something much more as a return. In the precise term, what is your financial resolution for the coming year? The New Year is fast approaching, and it would be best if you had a financial plan put in place already. If you are confused and you don’t know what to do and what to put your money into, watch this till the very end, it will clear you off all doubts. For things to get better, for you to know how to play the financial game right, you need to be a master at the game. You cannot just sit around and expect that one-day things will get better; you will make it happen. I will be sharing with you 15 top investments you can make that will leave you grateful that you did. I will be giving out a priceless bonus point on investment at the end of this very blog .

Top 15 Investments that Will Make You Wealthy

1. Pharma and Health

Pharma And Health

Take the period of pandemic into consideration; who are those who made it big? It was health care practitioners. Everything connected directly or indirectly to this particular field was flourishing. If you checked out on big companies, they were all actively involved in the race to get the first Vaccine for the pandemic. The medical companies were all racing to find COVID-19 Vaccine, the biggest winner of this was Moderna with the yearly return of 450%, are you surprised? Moderna won it. You may find this unbelievable, but independent pharmacy owners are doing massively well financially. Owning a pharmacy is a profitable investment to make. Individuals don’t joke about their health, and they always put their health first before any other thing. This is more reason why the business keeps having a significant return on investment.

2. Real Estate

This business has to do with properties; this includes natural resources such as land, water, natural gas, oil and minerals. Believe it or not, there is a lot of money existing in the real estate business. In running a real estate business, you can become an agent for a start. The principal transaction going on here is buying and selling. The easiest way for you to hit it big in the real estate business is Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). It is a very cheap way of investing in real estate businesses, and it will be worth it in the end. A real estate business deals with three things (1) Buying, (2) Selling (3) Management. The secret to succeeding in the real estate business is by properly making plans and taking action. The excellent part is real estate agents make lots of money, and they still enjoy their freedom; it is not hard to be successful in this business at all. All it takes is hard work and dedication to succeed in the industry.

3. Travel and Hotels

People keep going on holidays, and they need to relax and clear their minds and this is why you should have an investment in travel and hotels. Hotels are an excellent means through which you can generate high income. Some of these big hotels can adjust their room rates daily; this means more money for the industry. They can raise their price to match high demands. Based on research, a hotel franchise owner can earn $40,000 to $60,000 annually. However, the income varies according to the number of rooms present in the hotel. If you don’t have any reason to invest in a hotel, do so because if it’s high yield. It is the best tax-efficient Investment that can ever be present in your portfolio. I know you will say not now, yes, I am waiting a bit as well to see how 2021 will turn around and planning to look for companies that are involve in hotel industry

4. Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency; the problem here is that people are not ready to invest because they do not understand. But once you take your time to study and understand bitcoin, you won’t waste any minute before carrying out your Investment. Bitcoin is digital money; I know you probably think that bitcoin will not make you rich. Bitcoin is a way through which you can become a millionaire. All you need is the right mindset to do so. You don’t even need a bank to carry out your transactions.

5. Electric Cars

Before your mind puts you in a state of doubt, think of a company like Tesla; Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy using electric cars. The company has been a very successful one. Tesla isn’t the only company at a huge success, and there are many more others; all you need is to carry out the necessary research on what is going on in the stock market. You can check my previous blog, ” Top 3 stocks for any beginner investor.” You will get to learn a lot about activities going on in the stock from there. 

6. Silver and Gold

The best advice you can get regarding silver and gold is to buy them and sell them within your brokerage account. This process is free of stress, and it helps in the balancing of your portfolio. You can also make your investment through the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). You can also make your investment during the down cycles when the metal price is low and affordable.

7. Index Funds

Do you desire to see your wealth grow? Then, an index fund is the best option for you to go with. Index fund yearly return is massive, though earlier this March there was a crash in the market the S&P dropped by 30%; this is the period where the smart investors make their purchase. All you need to do is learn how to handle a financial crisis if any should occur. Index funds follow a passive investment strategy, and they also have lower expenses and fees. An index fund can never lose all of its value; the risk is very minimal. If you are in search of a vehicle for long-term growth like a comfortable life after your retirement, invest in an index fund.

8. Fashion and Luxury

People investing in fashion and luxury are making the smartest investment because when it comes to fashion like handbags, clothes and watches, they have a very excellent resale value. If you are interested in investing in fashion and luxury, please do so without wasting any more time. Fashion and luxury products increase their value as time goes on, you will have a good return on investment. There are brands that you can never go wrong with, do proper market research and take action. But, it would be best if you were good at calculating risk.

9. Renewable Energy

Unquestionably, renewable energy is the cheapest source of new power; there is no fuel cost. Renewable energy is having a massive return on investment because it reduces the economic burdens of energy bills by eradicating fuel charges. You will get about 3 to 8 times return higher than your initial investment.

10. Bank Fixed Deposit

Do you want to invest, but you are scared of taking risks? Is that what is holding you back from being an investor? Bank fixed deposit is an investment instrument with significantly reduced risk. Your principal repayment is a 100% guarantee. But for you to invest in a bank fixed deposit, it means you have extra cash that you are not using at the moment. By Investing in Bank Fixed Deposit, you will have a uniform flow of income and protection over your capital.

11. Treasury Security or Bonds

Bonds are a source of income for their investors, and it is relatively safe for investors. I know you are probably asking if you can lose money in a Treasury bond; I am saying it to you to go ahead with your Investment in Treasury bond; it has virtually zero risks, your principal amount is more than safe. You can buy your bond from a bank, dealer or broker.

12. Growth Funds

Growth Funds

This is another mind-blowing Investment option, and it gives your portfolio the exposure it needs to high-potential stocks. And they don’t depend solely on any company growth. In due time, a growth stock will outperform the overall market because they are full of visible potentials.

13. Technology

This is another excellent investment choice to make, and it offers investors lots of opportunities with the highest of returns. Take a glance around you; the world is becoming more and more Technological; this is more reason you shouldn’t waste a moment before making your investment. Look at companies making laptops, software designs and tablets. This is me telling you there is so much to technology.

14. Value Investment

You can carry out comprehensive research on this personally, check out companies with exceptional qualities and make an investment in them. Pay strict attention to recent happenings; do not be left out. Do well to estimate the company’s value accurately before making your investment.

15 E-commerce Business

Online has been the most recent place where activities are being carried out daily. Get the right product, know your niche and derive an excellent marketing strategy; it will be a success surely. Customers will always be available to patronize you for what you do.

Bonus point

Kangen Water Business

This is the most important investment you can ever make. You can never go wrong with the Kangen water business, especially if you are passionate about health like me. Making people feel well, and helping them stay healthy is what I enjoy. What about you? Don’t you wish to see others fit too? The machine for the business comes with so many mind-blowing offers, especially when you purchase your machine from a distributor. Even if all the Investment we discuss so far is of no interest to you, do ensure you take action on this particular one. It has no risk at all. It is a global business, and the machine is a lifetime asset for you ever to acquire.

The best success formula I can give you is to tell you to rise early and work smart. I expect you to take immediate action after reading this blog. Your financial Independence means a lot to me. I enjoy seeing you grow financially.

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