13 Eco Friendly And Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

13 Eco-friendly and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of the worst offenders to eco-friendliness. Just think of all the paper cards, gift wrap, nylon packaging and plush polyester toys that change hands during this time of year.

But does that mean that I, as an eco-minded individual, completely disregard the holiday? Of course not, that’d just be plain silly! There’s no reason to deny yourself and your partner this celebration of deep love and dedication.

In my desire to stay on the green and sustainable side of things, I’ve compiled a list of 13 eco-friendly and affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas to share with you. Just keep reading and you’ll see that this special day, just like all others, can be celebrated without hurting the environment!

First and foremost

Before you rush into buying anything – regardless of whether or not it’s on my list(!) – you should consider the packaging. Even if the product itself is advertised as one of the eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas, if it comes wrapped in plastic packaging, you’re not doing nature any favours. The conscious manufacturers and distributors will try their best to provide you with a complete eco-friendly product from start to finish, and that includes the packaging. And with the green market expanding by the year, you won’t be short on choices!

Choose paper over plastic

Plastic and nylon wrappings are very detrimental both to your health and to the environment. If you and your partner are trying to get into the eco-friendly lifestyle, I’d recommend that you stay away from these types of wrapping and go for paper instead. It can be just as pretty, while remaining much less harmful. For my article on plastic and the dangers of using it, read my articles on the topic here.

13 Eco Friendly And Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Unleash your creativity!

The best Valentine’s Day gift idea is the creative and mindful one. Think of the special moments you’ve had with your significant other; the thoughts, secrets and dreams that you’ve shared. What is your partner’s biggest passion? What are their goals and motivations in life? How do they enjoy spending their time? The answer to any of these questions is all that you need. Well, that and a bit of imagination! By basing your Valentine’s Day gift ideas on things you’ve talked about and discussed together, you’re demonstrating not only their importance to you but also your care and desire to support them.

A good gift doesn’t need to be expensive!

As a matter of fact, within my list you won’t find anything over £25! For a lot of people, the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the handmade ones – something that you’ve poured your heart and soul in to and created with your own hands.

This can be things like:

  • Healthy homemade cakes and cookies, and dark chocolate forms – for the gourmands
  • Knitted items – if you like knitting, handmade knitted items make wonderful presents
  • Handmade cards for the arts and crafts lovers out there
  • A hand-written letter – especially if you’ve got a way with words, a love letter is something that will be treasured by your significant other for years to come
  • Digital photo collages and E-cards – for quick, easy and memorable surprises
  • A pretty plant or flower in a pot – both a healthy addition to their room and a daily reminder of your love
  • A care package – if you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands, you can always combine all of the above in one big care package, filled to the brim with healthy snacks, a personalised card and your very own handwritten letter.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her under £25

If you are short on time or if handmade items aren’t your cup of tea, you can always go for store-bought Valentine’s Day gifts. If your partner is also interested in adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, I can recommend the following:

  • Reusable water bottles – Protect the environment and your loved one’s health at the same time! Not only will this help in reducing your significant other’s carbon footprint, but bottles can easily be personalised. A lot of retailers offer you the ability to engrave initials or short messages to create a truly unique and eco-friendly gift for your better half!
  • A lunchbox – A healthy way to store healthy snacks! A durable, reusable, stainless steel lunchbox will go a long way towards helping your loved one maintain a healthy diet while reminding them of you every day at lunchtime! Not only that, but you can prepare a care package and fill your lunchbox to the brim! Just like with water bottles, many retailers will offer the option of engraving a personalised message to make the gift even more special!
  • Fitness gear and equipment – Show your other half that you care about their health! If your partner enjoys working out, you can look into eco-friendly fitness equipment or sports clothing to spice up their routine. This will work exceptionally well if you visit the gym together or just like training alongside each other. I found this great fabric resistance bands and core sliders set.
  • Beeswax food wrapsAn eco-friendly wrapping alternative! Surprise your significant other with a 100% natural way to preserve and carry their tasty snacks.
  • Bamboo cleaning clothsClean your home in style! Oil-free and eco-friendly, bamboo-fibre cloths have been my go-to for domestic cleaning ever since I discovered them.
  • Bamboo makeup removersFluffy and soft, bamboo remover pads will help your loved one remove any traces of makeup from their pores.
  • Reusable cloth bags – You can either make these by hand or purchase one at an online retailer. Fully customisable, a cloth bag will serve as a constant reminder of your dedication, both to the relationship and to protecting the environment.

Going all out

If you truly wish to go all out – and let’s face it, you probably do – you can simply combine all of the above in one super gift package. While this would take significant amounts of time and effort (and will be harder for you to outdo next year), it would certainly make for a memorable gift! You can get your beloved a bunch of personalised and practical environmentally-sound gifts, add in some handcrafted items or homemade treats and “wrap” it all up in an eco-friendly reusable bag!

I really hope you enjoyed my list of 13 eco-friendly and affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas, please feel free to share your ideas with me and I will be happy to include them in the blog.

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