Environmentally Sound Home Cleaning 101

Environmentally-Sound Cleaning 101

A DIY Guide to Easy Safe and Affordable Home Cleaning

Are you looking for ways to:

  • Eliminate toxins from your cleaning routines
  • Make your home cleaning sessions shorter
  • Save money and effort

Then this article is just what you need! You can read all about the dangers of the toxins contained in most of the widely available cleaning products as well as the ways to handle home cleaning without them. And to top it all off, we’ll even give you a few real time-saving tricks which you can start using immediately!

Why you want to stay away from toxins

A lot of modern cleaning products contain chemicals and toxins which may be hazardous to your family or pets. And while most of them have been deemed safe for everyday use, that’s only on the assumption that you’ll follow the recommended safety protocols.

So you’d think that if you use gloves, avoid any contact with unprotected skin, do your best to avoid breathing in the solutions and wash your tools carefully afterwards, there should be no downside to using them, right? Wrong!

You might follow all the instructions to the letter, but would your pets do that as well? What about unsupervised curious children? Or friends or relatives who might drop by when you’re in the middle of your cleaning session? Even if all the precautions were taken, just being near toxic products in the long term can end up causing damage to your body! We’re already exposed to toxicity in our daily lives – toxins can be found in the food we eat, the water we drink and even in the air we breathe! Do you really want to add to the hazardous elements that are already in your life?

DIY Home cleaning solutions – how to make your own home cleaning solution in 5 minutes

Did you know that you already have two of the most potent and environmentally friendly cleaning substances in your home? You heard that right: you don’t need to go out and spend money on fancy detergents!

Most homes already have all you’ll need for your eco-friendly, toxin-free cleaning session – vinegar and baking soda. And if by some miracle you haven’t heard of their fascinating cleaning powers, you’re in for a surprise. Assuming you haven’t neglected your home to the point where you would actually need toxin-heavy solutions to get the dust and dirt out, you won’t ever need anything stronger than these two simple and inexpensive ingredients, which you can find in your local grocery store or supermarket! If you don’t feel like going shopping, I have you covered. Get your bicarbonate of soda from Amazon.

All-purpose White Vinegar Cleaner

All Purpose White Vinegar Cleaner

This can be used for any flat surfaces, wooden furniture, window sills, doors, frames, wardrobes and the like. To prepare your eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning solution, you’ll need the following:

  • Half a cup of white vinegar
  • Two tablespoons of baking soda
  • A couple of drops of your favourite essential oil (most people prefer lemon, lavender or tea tree oils – both for their smell and their disinfectant properties)

Simply grab an empty spray bottle, pour your vinegar, essential oil of choice and a bit of water and stir the concoction for a few seconds. Then, add in the baking soda, gently shake your bottle, and you’re good to go. All that’s left to do now is grab a piece of cloth and go to town!

“Magical” Oven Cleaning Solution

Magical Oven Cleaning SolutionAnother really neat way to utilise the power of soda and vinegar is to make your very own oven cleaner. If performed every week, this procedure will eliminate the need for expensive oven cleaning detergents and will greatly reduce the risk of malfunctions as well as allowing healthier and tastier meals! This time, you will need:

  • Half a cup of baking soda
  • Two to three tablespoons of water
  • About half a cup of white vinegar

Grab a small bowl, pour in your soda and slowly start adding water to the mixture. You are aiming for a paste-like texture which you will then spread over the (inside) walls of your oven, letting it sit there overnight. In the morning, pour your vinegar into a spray bottle and use it to spritz the soda solution away. Finish by wiping your oven clean with a damp cloth.

Spray the dust away!

Spray The Dust Away

We’ll wrap the recipes section up with an amazing dust removal spray made out of – you guessed it – vinegar, water and essential oils! The ingredients are as follows:

  • One cup of water
  • A quarter cup of vinegar
  • Ten essential oil drops of your choice (lemon, grapefruit and orange are the all-time favourites when it comes to living room aromas)

Pour your water and vinegar into the spray bottle and stir it up. Then, after adding the essential oils to the mixture, gently shake your bottle, and you can be on your way! Please note that essential oils do not tend to mix very well. Therefore, you’d do well to shake your bottle in-between spraying to ensure that you’re getting the best use out of your concoction.

Three Amazing Home Cleaning Tips

To finish up, we’ll give you three really quick home cleaning tips which will save you time, money and energy at no additional cost! Keeping these three things in mind will drastically reduce the time you spend cleaning as well as minimising the effort you need to put into each session. Here they are:

  • Shorter, more frequent sessions will greatly increase your efficiency! By not allowing the dust and dirt in your home ample time to build up, you’re reducing the time it takes you to remove them and eliminating the need for toxic solutions at the same time. If you dedicate a couple of hours per week to cleaning, you’ll achieve much better results than if you have a designated ’clean the entire house‘ day on a monthly basis. If there’s no dirt build-up, our affordable cleaning solutions completely remove the need of any fancy detergents, saving you a bit of money along the way!
  • Make yourself a checklist and a schedule. This is as much of a cleaning tip as it is a ’win at life’ tip. It’s also a way to finally get some proper use out of your fancy phone or tablet – that’s what their organiser features are for! By using a checklist and scheduling your sessions ahead of time, you can ensure that neither your home cleaning nor your personal life get neglected or forgotten. On top of that, ticking things off a checklist triggers a subconscious pleasure response, which helps you alleviate stress and makes your cleaning more enjoyable!
  • Clean like a professional! Professional cleaning companies usually boast much shorter session times that what one would think possible. While this is partly because of their extensive experience and specialist tools, they also rely on specific methodologies. For example, did you know that you should always strive to clean your home top-to-bottom? That way you will never have to worry about getting dust, dirt, or unclean water, on surfaces you’ve already taken care of!

Finally, I’d like to point out that cleaning, just like any other important area of your everyday life, is all about consistency. The more frequent, determined and efficient your sessions are, the better your results will be! So, if you’re still reading this, you should get up, grab your mop and get to work!

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