Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Original celebrations of motherhood can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome, with their mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. When Christianity took hold in Europe, replacing the old faiths, this was transformed into the “Mothering Sunday” and was observed on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Today Mother’s day is practised all around the world as a secular holiday, unbarred by religious affiliations.

Our modern Mother’s Day is but a continuation of the centuries-long tradition of honouring mothers and motherhood that has existed all over the world. Motherhood has always played an incredibly important role in our societies, with it being related to the continuation of life, the care for the young and shaping of individuals. This can very clearly be seen by the presence of mother-goddesses in virtually every ancient culture. And even though most of these ancient traditions have been lost in time, our appreciation for motherhood has not diminished!

Today, Mother’s Day is seen as one of the most important family holidays, which even people with no religious beliefs hold dear. It is a day of celebrating and honouring mothers, motherhood, maternity and its bonds and the role which all of this plays in society. When you think about it, not much has changed. We still want to go above and beyond in demonstrating our devotion and appreciation for the mothers in our lives, showering them with various gifts, treats and, of course, flowers.

Mother’s Day around the world

Mother’s Day in Australia – The second Sunday of May

The idea that mothers should receive gifts on a particular day in Australia began with Janet Heyden, a Sidney resident. During her visiting a patient in the Newington State Home for Women in 1924, she realised how many lonely and forgotten mothers were living there. In order to cheer them up, Janet rounded up some of the local businesses and schools and started the trend of bringing them gifts.

Mother’s Day in Japan – Second Sunday of May

The Japanese mother’s day tradition began during the Showa period, commemorating the birth of Empress Kojun on the 6th of March. The date was moved around a couple of times throughout the years – once during 1931, once in 1937, and finally – on the 8th of May in 1949, when the Japanese settled on the second Sunday of May as their official celebration.

Mother’s Day in Ethiopia – The middle of Autumn

In Ethiopia, the mother’s day celebration continues for three whole days and is commemorated by a special feast called “Antrosht”. Special meals, prepared by traditional recipes are prepared, with the ingredients being brought by the children. Special celebrations are also observed during the holiday, with the mothers and daughters performing ceremonies, while the fathers and sons sing songs of praise for their families.

It should go without saying that “being a mum” is one of the most difficult “jobs” out there. Because it’s more than just a job, and it never really feels like a job (at least, it never felt like a job to me). It’s something much more important, something that you can’t afford to get wrong, overlook, or take days off from. It’s a lifelong commitment and a dedication to a brighter future.

As most of you probably know, I’m a self-made business owner. I started my company from nothing, and I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am today. And even though I’m delighted with my professional growth, the fulfilment which it has brought me can’t even come close to competing with the joy of motherhood. Being a mother has been the single most fulfilling, most beautiful experience in my life and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone! Yes, being a mother is hard, and yes, it requires a lot of sacrifices. It has cost me tons of time, effort and energy. But you know what? It was all worth it!

Because mum deserves the best!

This year for Mother’s Day, spoil the important women in your life with these sweet surprises. Being a mum is the single most important job in this world and they deserve only the best!

Here’s a quick list of eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that you can present to the most wonderful of moms in the entire world!

Every year on Mother’s Day I try my best to support all the mothers out there in any way I can. And today, I’ll show you a couple of things that have really helped me stay on top of my mum game, remain full of energy throughout the day and keep my mood up through pretty much anything! If you happen not to be a mum, but rather a loving friend or relative looking for ways to help a mum out, you can always suggest these eco-friendly gift ideas to them, or make them a gift!

Reusable Shopping Bags – Because the Environment matters!

Help the mums in your life make the switch to eco-friendly shopping by presenting them with a wonderful set of heavy-duty cloth bags!

In line with my firm anti-plastic stance, I’ve completely stopped using throw-away plastic bags. I don’t keep any at home or on me, and I refuse the ones that shopkeepers and cashiers offer me. Instead, whenever I go shopping, I bring a couple of reusable cotton bags along. Not only are they much safer for the environment, but they’re also a lot sturdier than their plastic counterparts. However, here’s the best part – people love to ask me why I don’t just use plastics like everyone else. And that puts me in the best possible position to set a good example!

For my shopping, I like using REUSABLE BAGS. Durable and reliable, they’re made entirely out of organic and eco-friendly cotton and come in sets of five. I use them for my groceries, my bulk shopping and everything else! You can check them out here.

Eco Bravo Reusable Produce Bags

Bamboo dish towels – Because a mum’s job is never done!

Surprise the mums in your life with these high quality 100% bamboo fibre dish towels, resolving any washing, wiping and drying issues once and for all! Made entirely from eco-friendly materials, these bamboo dish towels will allow your mum to go about her kitchen business without worries about paper consumption or detergent usage! You can buy the product I love and use from here

Bamboo Fibre Dish Cloth

Stainless Steel Lunchbox Set – For all those family picnics!

Compact, multi-purpose and eco-friendly, this stainless steel lunchbox is an excellent eco-friendly gift idea and gives you the perfect opportunity to nudge any mums in a more outdoorsy direction. Excellent for picnics and family gatherings as well as gym snacks and travelling, it is guaranteed to be by her side wherever she goes. Storing and carrying healthy and tasty home-made snacks has never been easier!

The product I love is available here.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Bamboo Cutlery – For an even healthier kitchen!

Present your mum in your life with a two-for-one cutlery set made entirely out of bamboo! Fully decked out with a fork, spoon, knife, a pair of chopsticks, and even a straw, both sets come equipped with their dedicated metal brush for more natural cleaning and maintenance. Designed and manufactured for optimal comfort and safety, each set also has its own cloth pouch, preventing any possible wear and tear. The product I use is available here.Bamboo Cutlery Set

Glass water bottles – No more plastics!

This eco-friendly gift idea is excellent for any mums looking to get started on their green living journey! By opting for a reusable (be it glass or stainless steel) container, you are not only making the right choice for the environment but for your health as well! Sleek and stylish, this bottle is made entirely out of borosilicate glass, for a greener and cleaner drinking experience! You can buy the bottle I use from here.

Reusable Glass Bottle

Bamboo and cotton towel set – Natural Ways to protect the skin

Multifunctional towels made out of entirely eco-friendly and safe materials for the entire home! When it comes to safeguarding dry, easily irritable, or sensitive skin, bamboo fibres are most certainly the way to go! The product I love is available here.

Bamboo Towels

Stainless Steel Food Flask – Taking the soup out to lunch

Do you know any mums tired of having to settle for the unhealthy convenience foods? I’ve got their perfect solution right here – a stainless steel food flask! This Mother’s Day you can help them stay on top of their diet by letting them carry their tasty home-made hot foods anywhere! Compact, convenient and safe for use, this flask is precisely what they need! You can buy it from here.

Food Flask

Baby Care Gift Box Set – Taking care of our little bundles of joy

The baby stage is arguably the time during which we’re all under the most pressure. And while our little bundles of joy can supercharge us with seemingly endless energy at times, they can also leave us feeling quite drained. If you can relate to this (and I’m sure that most of the mothers with newborns can), I’ve got just the thing to help you out – a baby care gift box set! From silicone bibs and feeding pacifiers through to feeding spoons and storage boxes all the way to baby nail care accessories, this gift box has it all! Entirely built out of safe materials with antibacterial properties, it’s easy to carry around, store and clean. All in all, the perfect essential kit for any mum with a young baby on her hands! 

Baby Gift Set Box

Resistance Bands Set – Revitalise the mums in your life!

Working out gives you a ton of energy! And that’s the number one thing that every mum could use more of, don’t you think? “But most mums rarely have the time to go to the gym” – You might say. Well, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! There’s plenty of ways to do your workout at home as well. I personally like using a set of Resistance bands and dumbbells. When coupled with my stretching and meditation routines, this helps me feel incredibly refreshed and allows me to start my day off on a positive note. Here’s the resistance band set that I use – click here. It’s compact, easy to use and completely safe! 

Fabric Resistance Bands Set

Reusable Sanitary Towel Pads – Sanitary & Eco-friendly care

An all-natural, anti-bacterial gift for all the mums out there, these super-absorbable reusable sanitary towel pads provide exceptional safety and comfort. Tailored from special bamboo fibres, these pads, much like the all-purpose towels I mentioned above, are excellent at taking care of sensitive skin – they’ll never cause irritations or other issues. As always, I’m suggesting that you and your loved ones take the natural and eco-friendlier road by opting for the sustainable choice over throw-away one-time use products. Follow this link for the set that I recommend.

Sanitary Pads

Audible Gift Membership – Because you can’t open a book without learning something!

I’m a huge fan of reading, and I believe that the people who aren’t trying to read every day are really missing out. As a matter of fact, I’ve written an entire blog post on the topic before, which you can check out here. However, as we all know, time is a precious resource to mums and hearing the phrase “I’d really love to, but I just don’t have the time” can be quite common. But there’s a really easy solution to that, and it can work exceptionally well for busy mums – audiobooks! You can listen to your favourite books and keep learning interesting things while travelling, doing household chores, working out or having a snack! 

Gift a 1-month Audible Membership


And before we wrap this article up, I’ve got something important to bring up. As awesome a holiday as Mother’s Day is, it isn’t the only time throughout the year on which you should honour the mothers in your life. Being a mother is a full-time, life-long responsibility. Mothers are mothers all-year-round. You don’t need a special occasion as an excuse to buy a bouquet of flowers, make a reservation at a restaurant, or go on a holiday!

This, of course, goes for all of the similar holidays out there – Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. You don’t really need to wait for a particular date to show your love for the important people in your life. Sure, you could go a bit farther, putting extra effort on the special occasion. But that doesn’t mean that you need to bottle up your affection, saving up so that you can only release it on that one day. Everyone enjoys being appreciated, and we’d all do well to remember that – we’d all be happier for it!

How do you plan on celebrating this year’s Mother’s Day? Are you a mother? Do you have friends or relatives that you’re going to visit? What gifts do you usually give on Mother’s Day?

Give me your thoughts and eco-friendly gift ideas in the comments below!

And, as always – if you’ve got any questions that you’d like to ask me personally, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail!

‘Till next time – Stay green and clean!

© Lifestyle Tips by Antoaneta

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