Covid 19 And Its Consequences Musings In Isolation

COVID-19 and How it Changed Our lives forver

Hello Everyone, and welcome to this mind-boggling blog.

This is not your regular Sunday motivational blog. May I remind you that we are not in normal times, so nothing is normal at this point. Everywhere things seem to be falling apart, and it is looking like matters are totally going out of control. Firstly, I want to extend my best wishes to everyone during these trying times. I pray to the Good Lord that He gives every one of us the strength to endure all that is happening. I urge you to listen to the advice of the professionals, and please stay inside, because it is for your good. We are all fighting the same enemy, so unity at this time is paramount.

This blog represents the thoughts and ideas that I have been thinking about during this isolation. I will make a list of these thoughts, and try to share them with you. They are:

The value of the Internet

Have you ever thought of how life would have been for everyone at this time without the Internet? Do you agree with me that we are blessed from a technological point of view? Imagine how quick information is flowing, how fast we are getting our real-time updates about the virus and other issues, and the vast library of information that is at our disposal. It is helping us keep ourselves safe, entertained and engaged. If the Internet went away from us for an indefinite period, here are the likely possibilities:

  • Most of us might not know what to do with our lives
  • There will be riot and panic, among other things.
  • The Internet used to be a utility, and now it is a necessity and even a human right.

Before the arrival of the Internet, there were little or no exciting activities, and the books we had were old, outdated, and not easily mobile. We got our information from TVs, whose reports were carefully filtered on a need-to-know basis. If we had this virus outbreak before the Internet, no one would have been able to work from home, meaning they would be fired, companies will go bankrupt, and the domino effect will be triggered. With the Internet, all those problems have been solved, since information is now free. Now we are the news, the creators, and the consumers. We have built the tools that allow us to survive hardship. Now, we can confidently stay home because whatever we need is online. I hope you agree with me that ‘The Internet is by far one of the biggest technological breakthroughs the world has ever seen’. Your ability to make maximum use of this change will determine just how happy your life is going to be.

The need for international cooperation

The virus has gotten out of hand, and China has begun to seek international help. Because of the economy and trade wars, there is a lack of trust and cooperation between countries at the international level. It is said that “For the first time in recent human history, the world is coming together against a common enemy”.

It is no longer a cold war or an issue between one country and another. No matter who is at fault, we are all working together to solve the problem. It is not “me vs. them”, but an “us” issue. In the future, this should be the standard approach to global threats like poverty, climate change, and disease control. Countries should not hoard resources like panicked individuals, but share them with other countries that need them the most.

Mass online trial education: There should be a destruction of an inefficient system that enslaves people with death. “Online education is one of the next big stepping stones of humanity”. Instead of having your education molded by mediocre, listen to the best of the best share their knowledge online. Now, people can get the level of education that only the rich and select few could have afforded in the past. 

The world has this tendency to democratise luxuries one by one, and we believe education is next. This may spell doom for many teachers, just the same way emails brought the end of letters or how cars brought about the end of horse carriages, and the list goes on. The world is speedily turning its focus towards efficiency, and widespread quick access to all its needs (products, services, and in this case, education). The current situation has forced people to consider the way they acquire knowledge, and the solution is transforming traditional education to online education. This is the new standard we are setting for ourselves.

Some of the people who have tried the idea of working from home may not want to go back to the office

Education is not the only sector that has forced people and businesses to reconsider things and find another alternative on the Internet. People realise they can be much more productive working from home, considering they do not spend so much time in traffic or travelling to work. They can work at their own pace and enjoy many other benefits. It does not work for all industries, but people see it as a better option for those companies that can make this work.

People are beginning to see how ineffective the traditional work system is, and the little value it places on an individual’s time. There are even health benefits to this new system because since everybody has been on lockdown, we have reached the lowest pollution index in the past 50 years. Businesses will also benefit as they will no longer need large premises to house so many workers. Saving them on rent and rates among other things.

Work From Home

The government will collapse without the private sector, and vice versa

People do not realise that the government thrives on the economic value provided by the health sector. The state alone is insufficient when it comes to holding up an economy, and this fact has been proven a number of times throughout history. Same thing with businesses in times of crisis. The ones that stand alone keep falling. People staying at home means money does not exchange hands, and it greatly affects the economy negatively. Governments bailing out big companies is not an act of kindness, but a self-preservation strategy.

Governments are turning to the private sector to keep us alive. Take, for example, the tissue making companies, alcohol-producing companies, and hospital equipment manufacturing companies that have to keep working for the masses to help us stay alive. Seeing that our taxes are used inefficiently, the masses are beginning to realise just how important the private sector is.

The Importance Of Hospitals

The population is losing trust in the government

It is true that the people who run the government may be as confused as we are, because they are also human, and may not have experienced something like this before. But, what we expect from them is really simple: Transparency, Security, and Direction.

Pride may be the cause of the deaths because governments are not seeking help. They always think they can handle it until they cannot. China, America, Italy and the UK are guilty of this when it concerns this particular pandemic. Look where it got them and all of us, now people are dying, private businesses are being shut down, and hospitals are struggling to stay in the fight against the virus.

If people cannot get direction from the government, is it right we lose faith in them? Now everyone is afraid, confused, and panicked because they do not understand what is going on. The pandemic phase will pass soon enough, but we cannot say the same for the effects of the government’s choices.

The societal and economic impact of bio-warfare:

This threat has shown just how quickly society can be subdued, even without physical weapons. The pandemic has cost us significant economic and societal losses, by destabilizing economies, putting the world in chaos, and causing deaths. Now, every country and its military is seeing the grave effects of a bioweapon, even if this one may have been accidental.

The richer are getting richer, faster:

It is ironic that when there is panic, and everyone is desperately protecting their little bits of wealth, the rich show their true colors. They are getting stock discounts that will make them fortunes soon. They have access to private testing and are adequately isolated, a move to keep them alive through this.

Countries are also taking advantage of the situation to strengthen themselves financially since they have the money. Poor people are more affected, and the gap between the social classes will widen.

Financial Stability

The exponential growth and how quickly the young sacrifice the old:

One infected person could affect millions, and that kind of growth is exponential. The young say it only kills the old and ill, forgetting that death is death. We forget quickly that no human life is expendable.

Where are our televangelists, healers, and sorcerers and how fragile is our society:

When everything is normal, people search for problems where they are none. Then, the real difficulties strike and expose the world as it is. It is a place that needs necessary skills like knowledge, insight, and expertise. In times like this, pretenders are quiet, while the real ones go to work. In real-life situations, we need to go back to the basics of medicine. This virus has exposed so many flaws in our society. These flaws are not new, but we have chosen to ignore or legitimize them. Remember “A society that brings people together is greater than the sum of all individuals.

How good are you as a person? This is the proper time to reflect on who you have been as a person, and how you have done so far, negatively or positively, during these trying times. The pandemic has made us question the person in the mirror in front of us. Have you been greedy, selfish, careless, or worse, or have you been loving, selfless, honest and morel? I believe all of us have seen our flaws, so I suggest you work on it. This virus may have exposed many weaknesses in societies, religions, governments, etc., but it may have done so with us, as humans.

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  • Selly
    Posted at 10:26h, 30 April Reply

    I agree. I’ve been thinking some of the same things.

  • Petko
    Posted at 11:21h, 01 May Reply

    It truly is a monumental event.

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